Decide.           Accelerate.           Strike back.

Why eXo black ops?

An “eXo black ops project” is described in the book “Exponential Organizations” as a covert, disruptive operation that is clandestine and not attributable to the organization carrying it out. The authors suggest that companies that wish to leverage exponentials must assemble and empower a team of digital ninjas, self-starting rebels, and entrepreneurial change-makers and charge them with the task of setting up at least one (preferably two) startup(s) whose sole purpose is to attack the mother ship from oblique angles. Part of the assignment is that the team(s) must interact with the external community to identify and activate disruptive opportunities from the edge.

What we do.

eXoblackops is the best way for exponential organizations to get an edge by launching, growing, and maximizing the impact of their own eXoblackop projects. We provide custom solutions driven by a ferocious desire to empower leaders and organizations to activate exponential growth. Our mission is to help the world’s top organizations tap into the ecosystems where creative destruction and the entrepreneurs driving it are deploying exponential strategies that will impact EVERY organization and industry. We inspire and empower executive teams, visionary leaders, and change-makers to improve exponential readiness and achieve competitive edge in their ventures and pursuits.

How we do it.

eXoblackops offers a range of EXO-certified services, including speaking, workshops, eXo sprints, accelerator-projects, EIR programs, and eXoblackops program launch and consulting depending on the needs and commitment of each client. The main goal is to accelerate innovation and exponential readiness of each client by taking a customized and adaptive approach, tailored to the unique needs and opportunities of the people involved. eXoblackops empowers and activates the epic but latent potential of the world’s top leaders and top companies. We do what we do by observing, orienting, deciding, and acting alongside the exponential organizations that we work with.

Who leads eXoblackops?

Brinkley Warren (MA, MFA) launched eXoblackops because of his commitment to accelerating creative destruction on behalf of positive impact. Brinkley’s MTP is:  Activating exponential agency with leading change-makers.

Daring mighty things, Brinkley Warren is a serial-entrepreneur who has launched and co-founded multiple companies in a wide-range of industries including innovation management, gaming and sports entertainment, advertising, robotics, genetics, and artificial intelligence. 

IMG_7080Brinkley helps companies to disrupt themselves from the edge. His work has been featured by CNN, NBC, Forbes, Fast Company, TIME,  Popular Science, Playboy, The Guardian, Discovery News, WIRED, NPR, Techcrunch, and the Wall Street Journal.

Brinkley is a frequent speaker who shares about hacking global culture,  exponential organizations, lean startups, convergence culture, the future of gaming & entertainment, innovation ecosystems, and applying exponentials to produce scalable positive impact. 

Most recently, Brinkley co-founded MegaBots, Inc. The company is launching an international sports league of giant, human-piloted robot combat that will accelerate innovation in the robotics industry, develop futuristic human/machine interfaces, and unite the world with a transmedia storytelling franchise that blurs the line between science-fact and sicience-fiction and inspires the next generation of makers and engineers.

After launching an AI genetics company during Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program in 2011, Brinkley then served from 2012-2014 as a faculty speaker and lean-startup advisor with the GSP and SingularityU startups.

As a co-founder of a Lean Innovation SaaS company in 2013, Brinkley was invited to participate in Salim Ismail‘s mastermind group as he wrote and developed the book Exponential Organizations (which is now required reading at the world’s top organizations).

Brinkley is one of Salim’s most seasoned eXo consultants, and he is uniquely qualified to help the top companies & change-makers to operationalize eXoblackops projects that actualize exponential growth and impact.

Brinkley is also an award-winning artist, a Fulbright scholar in the field of art and design.  Early in his career Brinkley held positions at CNN, Discovery Channel, and Cabin Creek Films as a journalist, producer and documentary filmmaker. His first company was a music production startup in college where he had the opportunity to produce music for over 300 artists, including two grammy-award winners.

Building the Exponential Capacity of Organizations.


Interfaces are filter and bridge using algorithms and automated workflows that route the output of SCALE externalities to the right people at the right time internally.


Navigate the tension in business created by the need to balance instrumentation and data collection versus running the company and getting things done.


Successful implementation of the Lean Startup methodology in order to facilitate the testing of assumptions and the dedication to constantly experimenting with controlled risks.


Self-organizing, multi-disciplinary teams operating with decentralized authority are best, reducing micro-management happening laterally across management.


Social technology that leverages community engagement to co-create ideas, facilitating smart social data insight flow to increase the synapse between the decision-maker and the data related to the decision.

Staff on Demand

In any information-enabled business a large internal staff seems increasingly unnecessary, counterproductive and expensive. Learn how to operationalize staff-on-demand to give your company an edge for the future.

Community & Crowd

Already, ExOs are leveraging community and crowd for many functions traditionally handled inside the enterprise, including idea generation, funding, design, distribution, marketing and sales.


Properly implemented, Engagement creates network effects and positive feedback loops with extraordinary reach. Hint:  Today, more than seven hundred million people around the world play online games.

Leveraged Assets

When the asset in question is rare or extremely scarce, then ownership is a better option. But if your asset is information-based or commoditized at all, then accessing is better than possessing.

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